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Structural Assembly

Lightweight structural assemblies often require high precision tooling and exotic assembly processes. Canyon has a longstanding history of assembling the most difficult aerospace structures. Structures that are commonly assembled include:

  • Tube Trusses

  • Optical Benches

  • Structural Busses

  • Honeycomb Structures

  • Spacecraft Reflector and Antenna Structures

  • Aircraft and Missile structural components


Structural Assembly Processes Include:

  • Paste Adhesive Bonding

  • Liquid Shim

  • Tack Bonding and Injection

  • UV Curing

  • RTV Overcoating

  • RTV Grounding

  • Solder Paste Grounding

  • Riveting (all styles)

  • Fastening / Striping / Staking

  • UV Cure

  • Potting

  • Tool Supported Insert Bonding

  • Tab Method Insert Bonding​​

Canyon Composites is versed in aerospace grade assembly processes and frequently uses Prime Contractor process specifications. If required, Canyon Composites will utilize internally generated process specification. These are available for review. Click here to view some structural assembly examples.

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