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Material Expertise

Canyon Composites was founded as a build-to-print fabricator. As such, our clientele encompasses many aerospace prime contractors. By working closely with our customer base, Canyon Composites has acquired a great deal of expertise in fabricating the most rigorous and demanding engineering projects. As a project partner, one of our most important key competencies is to concurrently engineer and design hardware that is manufacturable, viable, and within the constraints of the project. 


In a non-traditional role for fabricating houses, Canyon Composites often functions as a prime subcontractor managing analysis and testing vendors to provide turn key solutions for aerospace hardware. To insure the success of your project, rely on Canyon Composites to provide you with its vast experience in material and processes.

Canyon Composites Regularly Handles  Aerospace Grade Composite Materials including:

  • Epoxy

  • Cyanate Ester

  • Bismaleimide

  • Polyimide (all NASA, Air Force & Maverick Formulations)

  • Phenolic

  • Metal and Composite Honeycomb

  • Adhesives, Core-splice, Titanium, Aluminum, Kapton, etc.

  • Ultra-high Modulus Carbon, Graphite, Astroquartz, Boron; Ceramic, PBO, SiC, Kevlar, E-Glass, S-2 Glass

  • High Temperature (>650°F) Thermalset Resin Systems

Canyon Composites Regularly Processes Aerospace Grade Composites using Advanced Processing Techniques including:

  • Prepreg Lamination

  • Complex Prepreg Hand Layup

  • Filament Winding (4'dia x 20' lg)

  • Tube Wrapping

  • Soft Tooling

  • Process Research and Development

  • Structural Assembly

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